Service GO-NET MV/Card-on-file Payment Offload Service

Service GO-NET MV/Card-on-file Payment Offload Service

Innovative service to support the digital economy with digital ID linkage and GO-NET’s high capacity

Digital Contents Distributors  /  IoT Service Providers  /  Merchants  /  Acquirers

Market trend Evolution and expansion of the digital economy

The spread of 5G is driving digital-native services to expand into our daily scenes, and digital economy is becoming a reality.
Digital IDs are used to capture consumer interests and daily behaviors in real time and economic society with services that are more personalized for or optimized to each consumers are expected to evolve.
Service segmentation will accelerate, business opportunities will expand, and consumer experiences are expected to be enriched.

For example, new user experiences will be provided, such as "premium camera angle viewing", "short-term trial viewing", "digital gifting", or "online shopping during a live event using AR technology (live commerce)" which may change how services will be charged, more tailored to each customers' usage and behaviors.
Moreover, in IoT business, machine-to-machine payments are expected to evolve in future daily life where humans do not interact in transaction at all.

As digitalization of the business continues to evolve, every human, things and money will have an ID (i.e. digital identity) to represent itself which will be controlled and linked to form a digital economy.

Volume of transactions could increase exponentially and new payment infrastructure that can endure massive volume of low-ticket transactions with processing peaks will be necessary for the merchants to provide stress-free purchasing experience to consumers.

New payment infrastructure needed to support new digital entertainment experiences.
New payment infrastructure needed to support new digital entertainment experiences.

Solution GO-NET MV/Card-on-file Payment Offload Service Concept

Payment Wallets linked with merchant's digital IDs will enable processing massive volume of payment transactions with peaks.
Also the Wallet ID will be used instead of the actual credit card number to process payment requests between the merchant and
GO-NET to prevent data breach, providing secure environment for the merchants.
Customers' credit card information linked with Wallet ID will be managed under GO-NET's secure environment so that merchants do not need to be PCI DSS certified.

GO-NET MV/Card-on-file Payment Offload Service Concept

Benefits Customer Benefits

Ensure Stress-Free Payment Environment
  • GO-NET's capability to process 100 thousand transactions per second will ensure real-time processing of merchant's peak payment transactions.
Secure payment with Wallet ID
  • GO-NET will manage credit card data securely on behalf of merchants and issue "Wallet IDs". Merchants will use the Wallet IDs when processing payment transactions. Risk of data breach will be reduced and merchants may process payment in a more secure manner.
New UX & service creation
  • Merchants will be able to focus creating new user experiences and services released from capacity limitation of existing payment infrastructure

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