Service GO-NET Blockchain Connect

Service GO-NET Blockchain Connect

BaaS Service utilizing GO-NET blockchain technology

MaaS  /  IoT  /  B2B Coin  /  Loyalty Point Program  /  Real-estate  /  Securities

Issue A solution for the society in need for data authenticity

Due to the progress of digital transformation and technical evolution, a new world where the physical world is seamlessly interconnected with the virtual world of data is becoming a reality.
Various types of data are exponentially increasing and demands for enterprises to process and manage authenticity of the data are also rising, as well as the urge for creating new business models and values by using such data.

A solution for the society in need for data authenticity

Solution GO-NET Blockchain Connect

GO-NET Blockchain Connect* is a BaaS service using GO-NET's blockchain technology.
GO-NET can process vast amount of data under secure environment, applying authenticity to the stored data by using blockchain technology.
Service providers can use those authentic data to offer new digital services.
This service can be utilized in use cases which requires massive data processing or expect huge data traffic like MaaS, IoT, B2B Coin and Loyalty program point, or use cases that require transaction authenticity like real-estate and security.

  • This service is currently under product design and subject to change without notice according to our business plans.
GO-NET Blockchain Connect*

Benefits Customer Benefits

Provide data authenticity and system capacity
  • Ensure transaction authenticity
  • Offload system capacity of customers
  • Blockchain Connect is a cloud-based private Blockchain service in which the encryption key management is handled within the Blockchain Connect so that the customers can simply connect to the provided endpoint to leverage the benefits without concerns of getting involved in the complication of key management.
  • Customer Support 24/7, 365days.
  • Non-stop service with securely distributed servers on Akamai platform.

Connection Connection details

Connection details
  • Blockchain Connect Endpoint is compliant to OpenAPI 2.0 RESTful API specification.
  • Uses Protobuf to keep high versatility.
  • Uses OpenID Connect for API protection. Customers can manage server authentication and permissions for flexible access control.

We can provide various connection methods according to your objectives and system architecture/environment.
Please contact us for more information on specifications. We will get back to you with our best solutions.

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Connection details

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