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About GO-NET


GO-NET is a new platform that leverages blockchain technology and Akamai's Intelligent Edge Platform. GO-NET aims to support various businesses in areas such as Payment, IoT, and healthcare as a social infrastructure.

Development Background

The transaction volume is expected to increase dramatically due to the progress of cashless payments and arrival of the IoT era. This will become a critical business challenge to various companies including payment service providers, as they seek a way to manage a surge in system load and increased cost. GO-NET was developed to solve these problems by providing a new platform that can handle the enormous volume in a fast, safe, and inexpensive manner.

Market Outlook

  • *1 Source: World Bank and BIS (for Year 2000), METI "Cashless Vision (issued in 2018 Apr)" (for Year 2015&2025)
  • *2 Estimated based on "NICTER observation report 2018" by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

Characteristic of GO-NET

GO-NET is a blockchain-based payment platform built on Akamai's global network. This new platform is designed to address the fundamental concerns of traditional blockchain technology such as "latency" and "scalability". GO-NET will provide a fast, safe, and inexpensive solution for micropayments, IoT generation payment methods, and other existing payments by utilizing Akamai's globally distributed edge network across 139 countries.

Features of traditional blockchain

  • High resistance against falsification of data
  • High availability due to distributed ledger technology
  • Value management function provided through the network
  • Smart contract functions to program trade behaviors

Features of Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform

  • Over 240 thousands servers across
    139 countries*3
  • High-speed internet delivery by optimizing server connections
  • 24/7/365 secure monitoring system
    (e.g. DDos attack)

*3 As of April, 2019

  • *4 The capability was verified under realistic business conditions.
  • *5 Processing time per transaction is end to end from Merchant request to final response.

Use cases

GO-NET can be used to provide a network between merchants and payment service providers to handle data communication for payment transactions, such as credit card and loyalty points. Also, utilizing the value management functions provided through the network will help load off the system load of payment service providers. These functions will support payment service providers to handle the huge volume of micropayments without large-scale system investment.

Ideas in payment service

Future Images of GO-NET

GO-NET can be used for various use cases such as a seamless payment system connecting the trade and contract behavior with payments for IoT or supply chain management, or even high speed, high volume data processing of important data in a secure environment that cannot be altered for health care industries. Our future vision is to become a social infrastructure to support our customers in various industries.